Upsert solution Logstash

I have a solution with filebeat(on server) -> logstash(on server) -> elasticsearch(as service)

i have to ingest data from file.log in json format.
each row have an "GUID" element wich is use for upsert. there is the structure of a row generate by workflow:

{"connectorid":"1600140", **"endtime":"", "starttime":"2022-12-02 09:30:00.000"**, "completed":"false", "type":"scripting-groovy-script", "activityid":"1700283", "elementname":"assignationTache", "writetime":"2022-12-02 09:29:52.165", "loglevel":"INFO", "caseid":"81015", **"guid":"81015-1700283-1600140"**, "notificationtype":"Connector", **"state":"INITIALIZING"**, "parentobjectid":"81015-1700283", "rootcaseid":"81014"}

an another step of the same workflow:

{"connectorid":"1600140", **"endtime":"", "starttime":""**, "completed":"false", "type":"scripting-groovy-script", "activityid":"1700283", "elementname":"assignationTache", "writetime":"2022-12-02 11:00:00.000", "loglevel":"INFO", "caseid":"81015", **"guid":"81015-1700283-1600140"**, "notificationtype":"Connector", **"state":"PROCESS"**, "parentobjectid":"81015-1700283", "rootcaseid":"81014"}

the final step of the workflow:

{"connectorid":"1600140", **"endtime":"2022-12-02 11:30:00.000", "starttime":""**, "completed":"true", "type":"scripting-groovy-script", "activityid":"1700283", "elementname":"Vérifier informations", "writetime":"2022-12-02 11:30:00.000", "loglevel":"INFO", "caseid":"81015", **"guid":"81015-1700283-1600140"**, "notificationtype":"Activity", **"state":"DONE",** "parentobjectid":"81015-1700283", "rootcaseid":"81014"}

Actually i have this configuration in logstash.conf:

input {
    port => 5044
    add_field => {
      "[@metadata][target_index]" => "index-bonita-qal-processlog-%{+YYYY-MM-dd}"

# filtre qui permet de parser la donnee entrante
filter {
  json {
  source => "message"
  target => "fields"
  mutate {
  add_field => { "[@metadata][target_document_id]" => "%{[fields][guid]}" }
# configuration de sortie
output {
    elasticsearch {
      hosts => ["<elasticsearch_endpoint>"]
      user => "<username>"
      password => "<password>"
      proxy => "<proxy_endpoint>"
      index => "%{[@metadata][target_index]}"
      document_id => "%{[@metadata][target_document_id]}"
      doc_as_upsert => true

actually it's working, the same GUID element are update with the new step of workflow, but i would like to conserved the initiale "starttime" value because this value is not store in the application. And i have no idea how can i store the initiale value of starttime to be insert after each upsert of the same GUID element.

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