Urgent Cluster suggestion required

(Phani Nadiminti) #1

Hi All,

I have recently added client nodes to my cluster which will ships logs from every server to es. Unfortunately es and java versions installed on the client node machines differ than my data nodes configurations of java and ES.so es suggesting we have same java version and same es version need to maintain nodes in a cluster.

The same scenario Is it applicable to client nodes too? is there any impcat on entire cluster if we not immediately changed the client node version?please suggest me in this?


(justin) #2

Yes You must have the same version of Java

(Phani Nadiminti) #3

Hi Justnj,

Thank you for the quick reply will cause any serious problem now because cluster is already running in production now.


(Mark Walkom) #4

There's a chance this can cause serialisation errors, yes.

(Phani Nadiminti) #5

Hi Mark,

Thank you for suggestion and I came to know that those are logstash default es nodes running on port 9300(installed along with logstash) those are got added to my production master and data nodes.So my understanding is these will be called as client nodes too(default es installation by logstash) ? so now those are log stash default installation elasticsearch nodes so in this case, do we need to maintain same es and java version on all client,master and data nodes . please suggest me in this so that i can do the needful to my cluster quickly...


(Christian Dahlqvist) #6

You can get around this dependency by configuring Logstash to use the HTTP protocol instead of node or transport mode. This is one of the reasons the HTTP protocol is the default in Logstash 2.0 and onwards.

(Phani Nadiminti) #7

Hi Christian,

Thank you fro the reply are you saying we need to disable port 9300 and enable 9200 in all my logstash nodes so my current logstash nodes will not add to my data nodes they will push data directly to ES data nodes with out joining each other?.please correct me if am wrong.


(Christian Dahlqvist) #8

Yes, the Logstash nodes will need to be able to connect to the Elasticsearch cluster on port 9200 port instead of 9300.

(Phani Nadiminti) #9

Hi Christian,
My Understanding is..

      If i enable 9200 on all logstash installed machines there will be no need to maintain same java version and es version in my logstash nodes when compared to my production data nodes ES and java version becuase logstash will push data automaticlly from the machine where it is installed to some node in cluster ....because once enabled 9200 i guess all client nodes will not join to elastic cluster any more and logstash will ship all the data from those logstash nodes to my data nodes through my  master nodes.please review my concept once.


(Phani Nadiminti) #10

Hi Christian,

we have enabled http protocol and 9200 so my node enabled http protocol disconnected from cluster and able to ship logs to my specified elastic nodes.
so in this case no need to maintain same java and ES version because logstash communicating using http protocol over port 9200.Am i correct...?

Thank you for you suppport

(Christian Dahlqvist) #11

Yes, that is correct.

(Phani Nadiminti) #12

Hi Christian,

Thank you for the support.I have solved all my issues from logstash..


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