Version consistency of Elastic products

I am currently attempting to configure an Elasticsearch cluster.

At this time I found the following article

According to this article, it is not possible to configure a cluster between different versions of Elasticsearch.
Therefore, I am wondering if I should adapt the version of Elasticsearch on the new node to the current version or increase the version of Elasticsearch that I am currently using.
The version of all Elastic products currently in use is 7.12.

So, could you please answer the following simple question?

In addition to Elasticsearch, I have a couple dozen Filebeat units, one Logstash that receives their logs, and one Kibana that references Elasticsearch.
Will increasing the version of Elasticsearch affect them as well?
In other words, will older versions of Filebeat, Logstash, and Kibana work when I increase the version of Elasticsearch?

Especially with the number of servers we have deployed Filebeat on, it would be a pain to upgrade them all.
If not, is there any other way but to adapt Elasticsearch on the newly added nodes to the current version?

Sorry for the consecutive comments.
I have one more question.
Does the version need to match the minor version exactly?
In other words, can 7.12 and 7.17 be used together?
For example, Elasticsearch 7.12 and Elasticsearch 7.17.Or Logstash 7.12 and Filebeat 7.17.

All Elasticsearch nodes must be in the same version, so you can't have a Elasticsearch node in version 7.12 and other nodes in version 7.17.

You also cannot downgrade an Elasticsearch node, so if you upgraded a node to 7.17, you need to upgrade all the other Elasticsearch nodes.

You can have different versions for Logstash and Filebeat, in this case you can use any version between 6.8.X and 7.17.X.

For more information please check the compatibility matrix.


Thank you for your comment.
Best answer!!!

I see that all Elasticsearch must be the same version.
I will first install Elasticsearch 7.12 and create a cluster configuration.

Also, since you mentioned that Logstash and Filebeat have several compatible versions, I will give some consideration to whether to use 7.12 or the top of the line 7.17 to match Elasticsearch.

Thanks for providing the URL to the compatibility matrix. I could not get to that page. Appreciate it.

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