Different versions of ELK cluster

Hi All,

I was able to create a working cluster using variety of product versions. Please let me know if this is ok:

Filebeat:  7.6.2
Logstash: 8.6.2
Elasticsearch: 8.7.0
Kibana: 8.5.3

Thanks in advance!

Kibana and Elasticsearch needs to be the same version, this can give you issues, you need to update Kibana to the same version of Elasticsearch.

Logstash and Filebeat can be in different versions, but you should update them to be the same version as well.

While it may still work, Filebeat 7.6 is not listed as compatible with Elasticsearch 8 in the support matrix.

You are better off with everything on the same version, but it's ok to have some disparity as you upgrade.

@warkolm thanks.

Are you suggesting I keep using Kibana 8.5.3 with Elasticsearch 8.7.0?

It doesnt seem to pose any issues so far

As I mentioned Kibana and Elasticsearch needs to be on the same version, or at least the same minor version, so you need to upgrade your Kibana to 8.7.0.

This is in the support matrix and also in the kibana documentation.

It may be working now, but it is not supported and can give you issues.

Logstash and Filebeat are more flexible and do not need to be on the same version as Elasticsearch, but it is recommended to have them on the same version.

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@leandrojmp Thanks. I will update Kibana to 8.7.0

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