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Can ELastic Search 7.1.1 used with Kibana 7.3.1,
if not suggest an alternative

Kibana and Elasticsearch should always have the version.

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thanks @Christian_Dahlqvist..

In same setup, Can FileBeat and Logstash(7.1.1) can be of Different Version and Elastic and Kibana (7.3.1)on one Version..

Hi @Dheena_Dayalan - Welcome to Elastic Community.

May I please ask that you change the "Accepted Solution". You've asked a question and accidentally marked the question itself as a solution.

In addition to @Christian_Dahlqvist's answer, please have a look at the Support Matrix. In that page, click in Product Compatibility and you can see the ES 7.3.x is compatible with Logstash and Beats versions 7.1.1

thanks @sandeepkanabar. I am facing issue in setting up the Cluster, it is listed as Master not Discovered yet in the Elastic Search. Do u have any idea with that where could be the issue?

Hi @Dheena_Dayalan -

  1. It is a good practice to open a new post/thread for difference topic. Please do so and someone from the community will definitely help you.
  2. Also, do not forgot to mark the correct answer (this post is just info and not the actual answer) in the thread as solution.

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