URGENT: No such file [segments_N]

(Scottmcghee) #1

I have, as they say, done a stupid.

Background: the drive that ES data sits on for our web app cluster needed to grow. I shut down ES, copied the data to another filesystem, expanded the drive in our IaaS provider (completely and utterly obliterating the data that had been on it), and copied the data back. However, we were running ES under the watchful eye of monit, who was told to start ES if it ever saw ES stop. So, during the copy, ES started again... preventing at least the segments files from copying.

Because that's not stupid enough, there are no replicas and there are no backups. Just the imperfect backup made above, sans segments files.

One index, a small one, is green, but our important one, of about 75G in size, is red. Googling has yielded some articles and posts discussing the CheckIndex tool in Lucene (which doesn't work, as there are no segments files, and pulling in segments files from other indexes basically obliterates your index due to the huge delta), as well as rebuilding segments files from the .cfs (but no code snippets seem very recent and we're not Lucene experts).

Are there any tools or methods that can take all the .cfs, .blm, .cmp, .pay, .pos, .doc, .tip, .tim, .fdt, .nvd, .nvm, .si, and .tvx files and reconstruct the segments files? Thanks in advance.

ES 1.3.4, Lucene 4.9.1.

(Mark Walkom) #2

Nope, you'll have to reindex sorry :frowning:

(system) #3