Use Data Range Aggregation

i trying to show the values occurys on yesterday "a day before today" aways without to use a specific date only use "a day before today" using "data range" aggregation on kibana. So i don't know if i'm using correcly this aggregation. I tried use this way to collect some datas and i did use the range 30 minutes before timestamp of now to 15 minutes before now totalizing 15 minutes of range.

in the legend appears the correctly datetime range of 15 minutes to 15 minutes before the real time but the metric is not correctly

am i using correctly this functionality?

The data is still limited to your time range selection (in the top right corner) regardless of the date ranges you select in your date range aggregation. So in the given example you'd have to set the time range to "Last 30 minutes" instead of 15.

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