Use filebeat as a relay?

I have a bit more complicated setup.

But what I want is something similar to what's below:

Host1 -> Host2 -> Logstash -> ES.

And i want to ship the metrics and logs from Host1 to ES.

Metrics and logs from Host2 are ingested correctly in logstash, ES.

I see that filebeat has a TCP input and was hoping that would allow me to relay the messages from a different filebeat service but it doesn't work. I can set filebeat on Host2 to use input: tcp but there is no related output configuration for Host1 (i tried logstash output and obviously seems to not be working)

So my question: what would be the easiest way to ship my logs from Host1 to Logstash using Host2 as a relay?

Preferable without installing too many components.

It would be great if i could use Host2 filebeat service to do that, if possible. And without overriding the message fields.
Or a reverse minimal proxy server (i don't want to allow Host1 access to whole Logstash network - it does work with a minimal socks prosy but that allows access to all the network).

Any ideas?

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