Use index to judge data,but not found

please help me.
I got many data of the same type. In some cases, the known data must exist, but I need to further confirm which index the data is under. I chose to judge in the following way, but cannot found then throw exception.
This happens occasionally . elasticsearch version : 6.8.23,3 nodes

( indexs is this type of elasticsearch indexs )
for (String index:indexs){
                exists = client.prepareGet(index, model, id)
                    return index;

        throw new RuntimeException("cannot fount index");

This is a very old version, which has been EOL a long time. I would recommend you upgrade to a supported version.

What is the size, topology and configuration of your cluster?

3 nodes

How are they configured? If all your 3 nodes are master eligible, have you set discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes in your config to 2 in order to avoid split brain scenarios?

yes, i do, and i checked the es log at that time and there was nothing abnormal.

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