Use New Relic Browser with kibana

(Juan Cruz Rodriguez) #1


I need to trace JS metrics with new relic of my kibana.

To do that, i use de Node.js agent to trace server side metrics, and now i need send to browser a custom header, how explain that guide.

I try to use the express and jade solution adding:

var newrelic = require('newrelic');
app.locals.newrelic = newrelic;

in app.js; and:

!= newrelic.getBrowserTimingHeader()

in views/layout.jade. But it doesn't work,

Can you help me?


Juan Cruz

(Lee Drengenberg) #2

Hi Juan,

What version of Kibana are you using? A developer suggested following the hapi guide instead


(Juan Cruz Rodriguez) #3

Hi lee,

thanks for your answer.

i use kibana 4.0.0, and this version of kibana dont use hapijs, use express. And i cant update kibana version, because the elastic search that consume is incompatible


Juan Cruz

(Lee Drengenberg) #4

Hi Juan,

Can you be more specific on the steps you're following and what happens? Is there any error messages?


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