Use of Swiftype with Google Analytics

We just purchased Swiftype Pro and are in UAT. Plan to go to production later this month. Swiftype Pro only provides 180 days of analytics data history. We need more that 180 days of history, so we are planning to hook Swiftype to Google Analytics, (How to use Swiftype with Google Analytics | Swiftype Documentation).

  1. Has anyone done and did it work?
  2. Will hooking up Swiftype to GA provide us with unlimited history of analytics data?
  3. What Swiftype search analytics data will be viewable in GA Site Search? Does the data include: Search terms, Usage, Search pages?

University of Washington

We use it, but it's far from perfect. We have search suggestions turned on, but no user interactions with the suggestions drop-down are recorded in Google Analytics (only interactions with the search results overlay are recorded). So it gives a really limited and highly imperfect picture of user activity. I would only recommend it if you have search suggestions turned off, or if someone knows how to make GA log interactions with the suggestions (I don't).

Thanks for the info. We will test it out and see what happens.

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