Search Data not reporting in Google Analytics

We've had the search enabled on our live production site for a few days and have the Google Analytics set up according to this page but there is no data reporting in Google Analytics > Behavior > Site Search.
I emailed support and requested that the assigned Severity: Level 3 (Normal) and SLA: 3 Business days be escalated but found this board and would love some help as we continue to lose historical data in GA.

Admittedly concerned with the lack of response to emails sent to Support combined with the lack of replies on this post...

Hi @HowardF ,
Sorry to hear you're having difficulty setting up Google Analytics. This forum does not have SLAs, and is mostly intended to be a community forum, but developers like me do monitor it as we have free cycles. Hopefully Support is getting back to you, but if not, can you share your customer name, an account number, or a ticket number? I'd be happy to try to follow up on your behalf if I can track down your support request.

In the mean time, if you can share any more details about your issue, I'd be happy to help. How long has it been since you set up your Google Analytics for Site Search? Did you note in our documentation:

Keep in mind that Google Analytics site-search tracking can take up to 48 hours to start appearing in your dashboard.

Are you seeing any errors at any point? Does your profile look like the screenshot from our documentation?

Thanks Sean. #00719570 is the case#. It has been almost a week so well beyond 48 hours. Not seeing any errors or data. My settings match the screenshot for the documentation yes.

FYI, regarding my install:
Switype sometimes loads before Google Analytics on page refreshes which will cause the integration to fail. This falls under the documentation's step 1.

Kindly make sure Swiftype consistently loads after Google Analytics:

Hi @HowardF , thanks, was able to track that down, and I believe that support has gotten back to you and closed the case.

For historical record, and for anyone else who finds this thread while looking for a solution to the same issue, the problem seems to be that the production site is an SPA (Single Page App). This means that Google Analytics, which is powered by page loads, doesn't work since SPAs don't load new pages - they just change state on the already loaded page.

To read more about how to make Google Analytics work with SPAs, you can check out: Single Page Application Measurement  |  Analytics for Web (analytics.js)

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