Swiftype Suggestions Activity in Google Analytics

Due to some very basic and serious limitations of the Analytics and Insights that come with Swiftype out of the box, we track our Swiftype activity in Google Analytics. The problem is that we use (and want to continue using) search suggestions, but Google Analytics isn't tracking that data. It only tracks interactions with the results container. That's better than nothing, but not by a whole lot, because actions we take to bolster our content and improve the search experience for users will most often result in improved suggestions for those users to interact with before they ever get to the results container. That means that all efforts we undertake to improve the suggestions are being ignored and we have no insights into their effectiveness.

I asked Swiftype support about how we can get Google Analytics to start recording interactions with the search suggestions, and they sent me to this article: jQuery Plugin Guide | Swiftype Documentation

This is way beyond my comprehension and skill set. Does anyone have experience with this, or know of resources that can help?

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