Use separate indexes according to the time range we select on time filter

Hi team,

We have a requirement to use to load visualizations/dashboards from different indexes depending on the time range selected in the time filter.

eg: If we choose time range one year, data should be load from the index-a
If we choose time range one month, data should be load from the index-b

Please help us to implement this.

Thank you,

hi @Rajith_konara

I don't think this is the idea of a time filter. The timefilter is applied to the timefield defined inside the index pattern.
If my statement is wrong i will glad for a corection


Hi @thekm1

Yes, Our requirement is to load the index based on the time range we picked, Can we get it done by using any plugin or writing custom plugin. Or may be using timelion

Thank you,

Hi @Rajith_konara
You can definitly build a customized plugin, but i wont suggest it. In case of a new version for Kibana you would have to review and eventuelly modify your plugin.

Even if you use any kind of visualisation, i dont think that you can missuse the timefilter to select the index. Why do you want to do that even? Just asking cause it does not make sense for me at the moment...

But an other suggestion. If you have a Dashboard on kibana, why not providing a control visualisation which allows to select the index which you want to see?

Hi @thekm1

The purpose is, we have large set of data and some customers want to view data around last 3- 4 months data, when they select larger time ranges the kibana got hang, so we used role up indexes to summarize the data, so we need the option to load the summarized index for larger time ranges.

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