Use Visualized Data for another Visualization

Hey folks!

Is it possible to use data from an existing Visualization in a new Visualization?

I have 2 separate Visualizations and i want to divide those 2 Values from those Visualizations and display it in a third Visualization.

Can i create a scripted field from a Query? For Example i need the unique count of IP Addresses as a field, is that possible?

I am using Kibana 4

Hey yourself, Beelastic! Or should I camel-case that to BeElastic? I love bees, so I think both ways are cool.

I'm having a hard time imagining what you mean by dividing the two values from the two visualizations. What do you mean by a visualization's "value"?

For instance, are these visualizations both Line Charts that visualize the same data, but in different time ranges? In such a scenario, I can imagine that both charts have analogous data points, so perhaps you want to divide each data point in one chart with its analogue in the other chart?

Can you help me get a better idea of what you're trying to do?

To answer your other question, scripted fields can't contain queries.