Custom field for visualization

Is it possible to create the visualization in the kibana using the custom field like eventcount value from json data?

<{ "eventcount" : 302932229, "file" : "confidential" }/>

Hi there,

You can create visualizations based on any of your document's _source fields, or custom scripted fields. As long as you've defined your Index Patterns, the fields should be available to your visualizations.

Note that if you've recently added new fields to your mappings, you'll need to click the "refresh Index Patterns" button to make sure they are picked up.

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Hello Luke,

Thanks for the swift response but my question is can we create the visualization based on the "eventcount" (data in JSON) field in metrics but not by count field default provided by kibana ?

So just to make sure I understand, the eventcount field you want to create a visualization on is an integer that lives in each document? Would a sum aggregation do what you are looking for?

If you are able to post some sample JSON for a document, it might help me to better understand your question.

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