Use wildcards to search in Kibana


I have an index where I store file names and their full paths like this

{"file_name": "abc-01_00", "full_path":"D:\\UAE\\Data\\abc-01\\abc-01_00.clc"}

These files represent a series, so the next file name in the same series(sequence) might be abc-01_10, and the one after abc-01_15 and so on. Using the file name I can know that these files are related to the sequence abc-01.
Files of another sequence will have another prefix for example: bsa-02_00. In general, the first part (some letter - some numbers) represents the sequence name and the rest (_some numbers) represents some id for the file in the sequence.

What I want to do is to search for files related to the same sequence without the need to add an extra field to my index; if I search in Kibana's search bar for abc-01_* it should return all files of the sequence abc-01.

However, having "-" in the file name breaks this search and I get everything starts with abc not abc-01. How can I solve this? Should I create some analyzer for the file name or what is the way to go?

Hello @M.alsioufi - your suspicion is right, it's more of an Elasticsearch question. In any case please check out this discussion as it might help with your problem.

Then I moved it to Elasticsearch :slight_smile:

I dont think this discussion answers my question, since I want to have this functionality in the search bar in Kibana

I would indeed recommending parsing this out at index time and storing it separately. Doing this a query time is likely to scale badly, and you could end up seeing bad performance for larger data volumes.

But this is a simple textual search for a field of type text, which is the main task of Elasticsearch, I think it should not be hard to be done online, or? :thinking:

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