User based selective Kibana access


We are using ELK Stack 5.4.3 with x-pack.

We were trying to provide access to an end user role, such that they can create new dashboards but cannot edit or delete any existing.
Problem I am facing is that since we do not have a user attached to a dashboard. And if we provide a user to create dashboard they are able to edit.

And to stop editing capabilities, create ability is also lost.

For end user access I was using data index and .kibana index, with read, view index meta data, create, manage and index privilege.

If I change it to just read and and view index meta data. It become a read only user.

Hi Shwetank,

Unfortunately this isn't possible right now.
We do have something called dashboard only mode - where you can set up a user to access a set of dashboards. This is in 6.0:

Hope this helps.


Any workaround you are aware of ?


Unfortunately no.


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