Different user types


I have installed elastic stack and able to access it. I did not set up any user type. So who ever is able to access the kibana url have option to edit the dashboard.

I was looking at xpack. Is it possible to create only one admin user who can edit and configure dashboard and people who don't login can see just the dashboard but should not be able to edit it.

Hi, please take a look at Dashboard-only mode: https://www.elastic.co/blog/kibana-dashboard-only-mode

With this, an admin user will be able to set up all the dashboards, and enable logged-in users to only see them; but not make any changes that persist in the .kibana index.

If you don't want users to have to log in first, you could look into establishing a special link for the users that has traffic first go through a reverse proxy that decorates the request with authentication headers, automatically logging in the visitors as dashboard-only visitors. See: Auto-authenticating to iframe-embedded Kibana dashboard

Please be aware that even in dashboard-only mode, the users still could use Kibana to create expensive queries to Elasticsearch, so use caution if you are planning on hosting Kibana publicly to the Internet.

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