User Specific Configurable Dashboards

Hi Team,

I know that if user has write/admin access he/she can edit dashboard
Add objects, Remove objects , Apply Filters, Apply Search Queries.

But can this be user specific? if user "xyz" make any changes this should not effect or make any impact to user "abc" dashboards/view ,vice versa.


Right now user-specific permissions are not supported, but you can create a price space ( for each user and give them appropriate permissions there.

Hi @flash1293,

Thanks for your reply ,this works OK, when user's count is < 10 or 20, but not a very robust solution if i have too many users also what if SSO is enabled?
Can we expect this functionality in upcoming releases?


I don't find the issue for this right now, but the need for this is definitely known and it's on the roadmap, but without a definitive release date.

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