Useragent is missing ELB-HealthChecker

Im using the useragent plugin in my logstash pipeline:
useragent {
prefix => "userAgent_"
source => "userAgent"

But its not getting the ELB healthcheck user agent

Here is an example log line:
2018-02-22 14:53:31 W3SVC2 myserver GET /index.html - 7777 - HTTP/1.1 ELB-HealthChecker/1.0 - - 200 0 0 310 124 2 - - -

so ELB-HealthChecker/1.0 is showing up in kibana as "other".

Can I work around this or add a custom agent if the plugin doesn't have it? Id really like this to show up as the elb healthcheck in kibana.

Thanks for any help!

Have a look at the plugin's regexes option.

wow im looking at:

I've decided to just drop lines with this useragent but in the future i guess I could just send a pull request to add it?

Is there a way to just add a regex without creating my own version of the regexes.yaml file?

Maybe i could just mutate this

I think you'll have to supply your own copy of the file.

mutate it is! i have 3 custom user agents, hopefully 3 mutate calls won't slow things down in my logstash pipeline

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