Users in Kibana and Elasticsearch


Very basic question, but the documentation is not that clear I think.
I am looking how elastic and kibana communicate user info.
When creating a user in kibana is this user automaticaly available in elastic or does kibana has its own users and execute elastic commands as a proxy?
KR Henk

The users are stored in Elasticseach, when you create an user you can use it in any client, Kibana is just one of the possible clients.

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Thanks for your reply, may I also conclude that when you create a "elastic" user, you need to give it the right/role to logon to Kibana?

KR Henk

You mean when you create an user or the specific elastic user?

The elastic user is a built-in user that has the superuser role.

But if you create another custom user, like admin, you will need to create a role for this user first with the permissions it will need.

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