Users prerequisites (sudo). To do what?

In Check the Prerequisites, you ask sudo group for the elastic user.

My security manager ask which command the elastic user will sudo to ?

Thanks for your precisions,


It doesn't have to be the elastic user, but to prepare your environment, you need a user with sudo permissions.

The exact commands that this user will execute depend on your Linux distro, but they are documented here.

For Ubuntu, for example, this includes installing the required packages with the sudo apt-get update install command, creating an XFS file system and mounting it, updating the Docker configuration and restarting the Docker service, along with a few others. All of these commands require sudo permission to complete successfully.

I hope this answers your question. If not, perhaps you could tell me what exact information you need to supply to your security manager?


Hi Nick,

Thanks for this explanations.

I I misunderstanded the documentation and thought that the elastic usder need privileges at runtime.

BTW, my poc will run on CentOS 7. I hope I could begin tests in April.


You're welcome, @JohnnyB! Let me know if you run into any additional questions during your POC.


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