Using Basic Auth Reverse Proxy for iframe Kibana Dashboard

I'm developing an application that embeds one of my company's internal Kibana dashboards into an iframe so that the application's users have restricted access to only a specific dashboard.

I'm using an Nginx reverse proxy to pass a basic authentication header using a hard-coded user to Kibana for automatic authentication as described here:

proxy_set_header Authorization "Basic Y3N..."       # base64 of user:pass

However, the browser still prompts me for credentials and none that I try will work:


I click "Cancel" and I get this response from the browser:

    "statusCode": 401,
    "error": "Unauthorized",
    "message": "[security_exception] unable to authenticate user [cs_api_user] for REST request [/_xpack/security/_authenticate], with { header={ WWW-Authenticate=\"Basic realm=\\\"security\\\" charset=\\\"UTF-8\\\"\" } }"

To eliminate the proxy as the cause, I tried to send a request using curl, getting the same response:

$ curl -k -H "Authorization: Basic Y3N..." -X GET https://<kbn-ip>:5601
$ curl -k -H "Authorization: Basic Y3N..." -X GET https://<kbn-ip>:5601 -u cs_api_user

Is this an issue on my end or do I need to configure Kibana in some way?

Seems like maybe the iframe source is not pointed at the reverse proxy? That setup should work if all Kibana traffic is going through it.

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