Using ingestion pipeline to add metadata information to documents

(Nidheesh) #1

I am trying to use an Ingestion pipeline to add _timestamp field to the documents.

While using the ingestion simulate API , the response contains the _timestamp field that gets added due to the pipeline processor

POST _ingest/pipeline/_simulate?verbose
  "pipeline": {
    "description": "Adds a timestamp field at the current time",
    "processors": [
        "set": {
          "field": "_timestamp",

          "value": "{{_ingest.timestamp}}"
      "_type": "document",

But after issuing a write request using the pipeline, the _timestamp field fails to get added to the document source. Changing the field name from _timestamp to timestamp seems to work though.

(Mike Simos) #2

_timestamp was removed in 5.x:

Also it appears that _timestamp is still a reserved name. So this is why it works when you just use timestamp. You can see the error by adding a document with a field name called _timestamp.

(system) #3

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