Using Kibana to visualise last connection status by process

Hi All,

I am attempting to visualise the current connection status of processes within my system.
When each process starts/stops, it posts and update to elasticsearch which includes a field "connected" (boolean) and "name" (string).

What I would like to show on screen is the last connected status by process, so processes that have disconnected can be quickly identified.

I have attempted to visualise this with a heatmap and also with a Horizontal bar chart, filtering connection and name.keyword by max time.
I have had some success with this (see below)

However if this is in a dashboard and I click any distinct row, it adds a "Connected : true" or a "Connected : false" to the KQL query at the top of the page, which overrides any other filters on the chart.
For example if I click on an a process that is connected, the visualisation will just show each process and that the process has been connected at some point within the overall time period. What i would want to see is only the processes which are currently connected.

Is there anyway to visualise what I am trying to show, and if is there a less convoluted approach than the one I am taking


Hello Eoghan,

I think the best possible solution for you is to use vega sankey chart in which you can visualize connections.

Here is an example from our sample data dashboards for logs ( you can install them by adding sample data from Kibana home) :

If you click on edit - you will be able to see the vega code which was used.

Does that help?

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