Using kube-state-metrics (custom resource state metrics) breaks metricbeat

Hi there,

I am running metricbeat:8.6.1 and prometheus:2.43.1 on AKS 1.25.6

Both of these are scraping metrics from kube-state-metrics:2.8.2

Because of an edge case we were forced to make use of the Custom Resource State Metrics functionality within kube-state-metrics as described here:

A new metric was introduced that is of the type “Info”.

After this was deployed to kube-state-metrics, Prometheus was able to scrape this and all worked perfect.

The only problem is that it seems to break meticbeat.

When looking in the logs, we see the following:

decoding of metric family failed: text format parsing error in line 13966: unknown metric type "info".

Is this a case of missing functionality or miss configuration?

Many thanks!
Kind regards,

Morné Kruger

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