Using Lens Table to Keep Track of Days of the Month

I use a Kibana dashboard to keep track of a number of things on my team. We all look at this dashboard to see the team's current status of stuff. But our team also has regular things that happen on specific days of the month. These all happen every month. I now want a table that shows these events for the month, and that day of the month has passed.
Like so:
Event_1 X
Event_2 X
See how in the example above the first two events have X marks next to them? That's kinda what I'm looking for. I have the following data on the events in ES:

    "name": keyword,
    "day_of_month": long

My question is: Using Lens: how do I add a column in a table such that when "day_of_month" is equal to or less than the current day of the month, I display one word, but when the current day of the month is greater than that value, I display a different word?

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