Kibana Table Chart Viz to show "-" for unique count of value on weekends

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to create a table using lens viz in Kibana. I need the unique count of a field_name to be displayed per day (using date histogram with interval: per day) . I have added a query to exclude the weekends . The issue is :

  • The unique count(field_name) for the weekends is getting changed to 0 where as i want to set it ""-"(hypen).

  • When i am trying to make the 0 for weekends as "-", all the values across the table becomes 0 and no color is applied.

  • Why i need the above is to establish a clear understanding that on weekdays when we expect a value > 0 and it is 0 , it is being indicated as Red(expected) and on weekends , since we are excluding the weekends from a query the values are being converted to 0 and showing as Red (not expected), because of the code scheme set.

  • Unable to exclude/ hide only weekend columns.

PS: Using Kibana Version 7.14

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