Using pagination to divide chart


I'm currently working with a bunch of data and I would like to do pagined-like chart. To be more precise I would like, for example, my top 5 data on a first pie chart and the sixth to the tenth on another one.

I tried the advanced feature to add a from parameters in buckets but it failed at the query phase. I also searched for filters or queries but can't find any way to do it.

Is there a way to do this in Kibana ? I'm working with version 4.1.1


I don't believe this is currently possible using the aggregations available in Kibana. It may require support for something like the top hits aggregation:

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Thank you for posting the issue, I tried using Top_hits metric with the JSON input but couldn't obtain anything except error.
I will try to work with pin for now and wait a update with the Top_hits agg.