Using payloads for scoring

I am working on a research project in which I need to use some specific term weights for relevance score calculation. I have indexed the term weights as payloads along with the text and looks something like this :
"Americans|5.432 to|0.000 rate|5.466 their|6.080 ideology|3.303 on|0.000 a|0.000 liberal-to-conservative|0.000 scale|3.455 of|0.000 1|0.000 to|0.000 5.|0.000 The|0.000 average|5.201 "
Now, I want to use these term weights in the relevance score calculation. I was searching for it and got some suggestions like implementing a custom query parser, but there is not much documentation on this. Please suggest how can I use these term weights/payloads in the relevance score calculation.

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