Using REST API in Curl Command

Hello Team,
We are trying to curl rest api to update password for admin user and also get roles but it is not giving any result. Can you please if syntex is right.

Below is the url we are using
url https://hostname:/app/kibana/GET/_opendistro/_security/api/roles/ -u admin:password

When i use below i am able to authenticate but getting below error
< HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
< kbn-name: kibana
< content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8
< cache-control: no-cache
< set-cookie: security_authentication=Fe26.29183c9a6a30176d14ec51be196b47acfcaf02608c1fe1c6c7698e89e6fee2b82C2vzmi4j3jsJQ3F_luDhngRXGicQkJVFJbKk6Lke6kooOWsayYQ80n_2R5dhBLq3idtyAWV4v3njW0JZSAiew3OmSbFpfujMX3vcuhPN-RbLuJsXXDNMB6tIlFbTdhKMfBZ9LhKdqdk0-CBthPiPx_Nxd4WiVF9yTinLcDgHWH_ZtfG-KGkwOx3OJcx1vSuC59ku9tHF57zd-jG_QteXKNlj2NyUd8Kboexv2P8SjCeQ15b4794471d9a65b34796dcf77fdf95e4f9a06bc7a1ba3a8cbb0e34dcbaed623j-n5XET-N0xvbNv8karAaGoPUQ8Sa-HySKFHTgbOTwo; Max-Age=3600; Expires=Fri, 20 Mar 2020 13:03:41 GMT; HttpOnly; Path=/
< set-cookie: security_storage=Fe26.2**178f78a715faf99bed6f7801d5e1067a640ac5ac8142a2fcaf546386d27f9561
7OJFsg_CJ-mlvC1VFQugjQTwqZKhlPJEIbp5kh8kETNh1nYYJHXvw2Van8lSnHoy2tzSxmTbgkCQ7H2TBpewnIQqp39kgPXspjfHqhlrK6_xGPFrp-dKscU7IGpyDaRJvAa-ScpykYHh2I_TGV0VvopSsjGMdnoTFfB__pvYc004U386YLC-DwRQC_3-yOpMEVi3Bz4mYbgGObbzN2rtHagC_TbcBsO2CpCk0V7YS5mApT-czmWsDZcBCwMIBZ8Uo**60f5184c35df3a907abb170cc1e9de9e185581a084166c9f753bc507debd3f0940yvombyyzftPH9HGF_dEscq02GlbS_auu9m0-OzkSE; HttpOnly; Path=/
< content-length: 60
< connection: close
< Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2020 12:03:41 GMT

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    Please help

How we will get know as what is the url folder structure?

Hi, @deep_dba
OpenDistro is not an Elastic product or maintained or supported by us. You can leave the question here open and maybe someone from the community has a similar issue and will be able to help, but we're sorry that we are not always able to help out with third party products. In general I would recommend you to ask that question in the OpenDistro forums or to their support.

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