Using Shield with SSO and ldap authorization


(Pierre Jacquot) #1

I am studying Elastic solution (including Shield and Whatcher) and I have some questions about feasability to integrate this product with our security constraint.

All product we have to install on our network must use an SSO solution that will validate the authentification and sent an UID to the product. This uid must be used by product in order to check and validate authorization.

Is anyone could confirm to me if it's possible or not to perform this kind of cinematic ?

In parallel of this authentification, I must also support basic authentification for M2M service (like Logstash), is it possible to manage these 2 kind of connexion in the same elastic instance ?

Thanks for your helps.


(Mark Walkom) #2

We don't yet support that sort of token auth using Shield.

Logstash can definitely integrate into Shield, however it itself doesn't have authentication as it's simply a pipeline.

(system) #3