ELK 5.2, x-pack with SSO

Hello Team,

I want to implement SSO with ELK 5.2 using x-pack. I am planning to use my organisation SSO.
My organisation SSO internally integrated with LDAP. So should I have to use LDAP realm?
If I have to use LDAP realm along with SSO, kindaly let me know the steps to follow.

My understanding here is:

  1. My kibana url with SSO will be containing headers.
  2. I should write a custom realm, to get the data of those headers and validate.

If my understanding is correct, please give me an example of how to write custom realm, configuration in elasticsearch and kibana if required and steps to follow.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Lakshmi,

Unfortunately I cannot provide steps as we do not have insight into your company's authentication mechanism. If you can connect to the LDAP, I suggest taking a look at the documentation for LDAP to get started.

Thanks Jaymode, Can you please help me if elastic is providing any api to write a java program for SSO validation.

I am not able to find any related document for SSO, can you please help me what is the general procedure for SSO, I am fine to use any type of realm, however I prefer to use LDAP realm.

Kindly do the needful.

Thank you so much.

There is the ability to write a custom realm. Please see https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/x-pack/current/custom-realms.html and https://github.com/elastic/shield-custom-realm-example

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