Using The Advanced JSON Input For Filtering Data and Then Using The Intermediate Result As Part Of Calculations

Hi, I made an earlier post on filtering the data within +/-300. I want to

  1. Do an on-the-spot filtering of values that are within +/-300mm per data bucket. Log this as a count per data bucket.

  2. Do a percentage calculation by count, per data bucket on the data column "Align_Dist_To_Go" see the % of values that are within +/-300 range.

  3. Display on the Bar Graph.

As you can see below, this is my legacy arrangement as of today. I can only cover the first case of values below +300. I cannot cover the other corner case to strike out values below -300.

I specifically want a percentage figure per data bucket on the # of values between +/-300 for "Align_Distance_To_Go"

I want to try implementing this inside the Advanced JSON Input instead as a dynamic on site workaround.

Is it possible? I need this really badly. Thanks

How do i go about doing it?

The JSON input is not meant for this kind of purpose.

wat would the JSON input be more suitable for?

When a single aggregation has parameters that we don't have a UI for, you can extend just the one aggregation's JSON block. This can be used for the Percentiles aggregation, which doesn't have UI for the HDR percentile mode:

ok so i have to go into my ES query for that visualisation and manually paste that block of code in?

No, that wouldn't work because JSON input is not meant for writing an entire query.

ok. so how do i implement the HDR Histrogram then? I see an ES query eg inside the link u sent me. But whr will this code be residing when i actually wanna implement it.?

In that example you take just the part you want to extend from our existing UI. For example:

  "hdr": { 
    "number_of_significant_value_digits" : 3 

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