Using the context. in Body of E-mail for rules and connection


We are using the Elastic version v 7.16.3 .
I am trying to create the alert notification by using the Rules and connectors.
The rule is working fine. however I can't put the required data in the e-mail notification that I generate.

Test case 1: If I use the template e-mail in elastic no issue.

Test case 2: If i want to add more data and use the {{context.hits._index}} and get to the content of index and use the to grab the data it is not working. Th mustach variable is not working. I reached out to everyone and still no resolution.

Sample screenshot of generated alert

Massage body is :

Elasticsearch query alert '{{alertName}}' is active:

- Value: {{context.value}}
- Conditions Met: {{context.conditions}} over {{params.timeWindowSize}}{{params.timeWindowUnit}}
- Timestamp: {{}}
-**indextest:** *{{context.hits._index}}* is

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