Using tiebreakers in Kibana Discover or Logs

Hello everyone,
I am regularly ingesting a pair of events with the same timestamp. If they are shown in the incorrect order, it's very confusing for the user.

Used versions are logstash-7.9.1 , kibana-7.9.1 and elasticsearch-7.9.1.

I added this ruby-code in the logstash-config, which succesfully adds a seq - number.

Now my question is how I can use the tiebreaking mechanism to control which events are show first. I played with Stack Managment -> Advanced Settings -> context:tieBreakerFields. I tried "_doc" , "_doc, seq" , "seq, _doc " but to no avail. A kibana restart was performed after every change.

Getting the ordering right in the logs-feature from x-pack would be nice too, but since the settings is labled "Discover" I think it is easier to get it working there.


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Hi and welcome to our community!
So the context:tieBreakerFields is just used by the functionality of Discover that shows you documents in context, you can access it here:

You can sort by it in Discover by clicking on the seqheader, then it's added to the list of fields that the records are sorted by.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks alot for the clarification,

after manually sorting by seq, it works👍
If the exact ordering is required, using the view surrounding feature seems usefull.
I am happy with this solution, thank you!
Still wondering wether someone has found a solution for the same problem in the X-pack - logs application. I tried the suggestions from this thread.

Thank you,

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