Using URL query Elasticsearch problem


I am trying to use URL to query Elasticsearch using the below URL:"+scroll:10m +scroll_id:DnF1ZXJ5VGhlbkZldGNoBgAAAAAAALjLFjQ1X0c5Q0dkVDB1X215YUFOQ0NIWmcAAAAAAAInShZrRXRzZ0dkZlN0QzhaQUl0Q2VaVXFRAAAAAAAAUUUWUmRyN3pBTXpSWHVHelEtb1hMcFJodwAAAAAAALjKFjQ1X0c5Q0dkVDB1X215YUFOQ0NIWmcAAAAAAAEQUhZNQXZFVWFUWVQxdVg4QXIzTVdOeEhBAAAAAAACDg4WWk5MQTlyWlBUMEdSRzBpcmI4c1NDdw=="

But it returned 400 Bad request, what is the problem?


need help please

Can you post the entire response that you are getting.


Where is this image from exactly?

MS PowerBI

can you help please?
Is my URL not correct?

I'm not familiar with this integration sorry.

I have a doubt with this part of the URL:


Could you remove it to see if it fixes the problem?

Same error


Or would you please provide me a correct URL format?


According to the documentation, you should use the body instead of the url to pass the scroll_id parameter as it is deprecated and will be removed in the next major version.

But here I think there are other problems.

Url parameters should be


I have found a way to draw data in Power BI,
I wonder why using url parameter is depreciated and will be removed?

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