No handler found for uri for /_search/scroll?

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I am a newbe. When I try to use the rest interface with scroll and scroll_id, I receive this error:

HTTP protocol error 400 (Bad Request): No handler found for uri [/.../.../_search/scroll?

My goal to archive is to use scroll_id in the query parameters not in post body.

Any ideas or help for this error?

(vivek) #2

Not sure which query you have executed, but to get scroll id you need to provide scroll parameter with time value.
GET index1/_search?scroll=1m
This will return search results with scroll id and scroll context will stay alive for 1 minute.
This might be useful for scroll API:
Hope this helps!

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If you're having issues then it'll help us help you by providing the full request you are making along with any response or errors :slight_smile:

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