Using Winlogbeat with Docker-Compose under Linux


I'm currently trying to integrate Winlogbeat to my Docker-Compose-Stack, but I'm not really successful with it. The problem is, that I normally download the current Logstash or Filebeat version (referenced in my docker-compose.yml). I want to do the same with Winlogbeat, but as I saw on the website, there is no image for doing that. Also, as I was searching how to integrate Winlogbeat to my stack, I couldn't find any helpful topics. I want to use Winlogbeat on my Linux stack by referencing on local EVTX file archives. Is there currently a possibility to do so?

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Winlogbeat depends on the APIs of Windows to read evtx files. So it will not be possible to use Winlogbeat on Linux for this.

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thank you very much. I did not know that it is only available for Windows. Okay, I solved the problem by executing Winlogbeat on my Windows machine and passing the data via output to my ELK stack on my Linux machine via the right port.

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