Value of "elastic" is forbidden in Kibana 8.2

Hi, after upgrading to ELK 8.2, I started getting some errors, some of which I was able to resolve for now, however the last error that keeps me stuck is the error of using "elastic" user.

I'm getting the following error message:
Error: [config validation of [Elasticsearch].username]: value of "elastic" is forbidden.

I understand the error, however I cannot understand how I can specify a service account token to be set automatically with the system's deployment. I expected to have the option of creating the token and specifying it in the Kibana config, however I don't see such as option.
Can someone help? Did someone manage to automate this?
I cannot have a manual setup for this, as my system is being deployed automatically and I want the Kibana to be up and running automatically with it.


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