Vector knn search with more than 1024 dimensions

If I understood correctly, from version 8.8 elasticsearch will support knn search for vectors over 1024 dimensions. Is there any indication when this will be released? I'm trying to work with openai embeddings (2nd generation), but can't use them for now because of the 1024 dims limitation.

This will solve that feature request I think:

Should be in the coming 8.8 version.

Is there any indication on when 8.8 will be released? Is it in the order of weeks or months?

Elastic does as far as I know not provide release dates. If you however look at the dates of previous releases they seem to be spaced out a bit more than 2 months apart. 8.7.0 was released March 30 so I would guess 8.8 might be released sometime in June if it follows the pattern.

Clear! Thanks :slight_smile:

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