[Vega]Drawing lines between geo points?


Vega is way out of my depth but I was wondering if something like this is possible with Vega. One thing I've always missed in Kibana is the ability to "track" objects on a map.

We are tracking a lot of moving objects and I would like to do something like this:

Example of my data

Objective 1
Pull the last known lat/lon for each unique object name and plot it on a world map so I can see the last known location of each object.

Objective 2
For each data point (data collected every hour) plotted on a map, allow a mouse over/click to show extended data (@timestamp, object_name, status).

Objective 3
Draw lines between geopoints for every object_name so I can track the route an object took (based on time selected in the Kibana dashboard). This should be combined with objective 2.

Is this possible in Vega? Looking at Vega documentation I doubt I have the skills to build this myself but Googling I see a lot of people wanting to do something like this.

Looks like this answer might help you: Kibana draw line between geo points

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