Draw path on the map

Hi, Is there any plugin for kibana which allows to draw line between geo points?

Hi Adam,

I am not aware of any plugin doing that. Could you elaborate a little more on what you want to use that for?

There is already an issue open asking for support for drawing polygons, http://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/7572, so you can perform aggregations only for documents within that polygon. Is it for something similar?

Hi, Sorry for such late response. I have a GEO points from a cycling route and I would like to draw this route on a map. Let's say something like below:

Hi Adam,

OK, thanks for the clarification. That is not possible right now. Maps are primarily a base layer to visualize aggregations from elastic search queries on top of it. Note that you can customize your base map, so if you have access to a WMS server that shows your routes, you can plug that in Kibana.

I created an enhancement request for this: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/8118. If you have further comments or feedback on this, please add it there.

Hi, thanks for a quick answer. I think we could misunderstood becuase of the image I attached (there is a wrong tooltip) :wink: In enhancement you wrote "A user should be able to draw on a map.". I don’t mean that the user can interact with the map but I have a type in the elasticsearch which stores cycling route GEO point from each second of the ride and I want to display them as a line. It's something what Endomondo does .

Returning to this drawing by the user it would be great if user could draw some rectangle (any shape) on the map and then filtering is executed;)

Hi Adam,

ok, gotcha. sorry for the misunderstanding.

That is also not possible :$. I will update the ticket on github correspondingly. The reason is the same. The map in Kibana is primarily to display ES aggregations, not individual data points (or in this case, lines).

I have no personal experience with this, but perhaps this could be useful: an Elasticsearch extension for geoserver: https://github.com/ngageoint/elasticgeo/blob/master/gs-web-elasticsearch/doc/index.rst. You can then create a WMS server with your route-data, and show it like that in Kibana. YMMV.

Thanks a lot. I will check this Elasticsearch extension :slight_smile: