Build a Plugin to draw polyline between Geopoints in Kibana

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Hello folks ,

I'd like to draw a line between a user's history of location in Kibana , I understand that this is not possible yet to do in Kibana and I have to build my own custom plugin to do so , So what do I need to do this task , and Has anyone done something similar to this or I'll be the first to try something like this in Kibana ?


(Jon Budzenski) #2

Is this sort of what you're thinking of?

It's coming in 6.0, here's the pull request for reference I suspect there's a lot of other changes that have since been refactored so the number of code changes in that pull request might be misleading, but it could be a starting point.

We maintain a list of plugins here and if there's interest in general plugin development there's some docs on that page too.

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