Point to Point between geopoints

I would like to draw lines connecting a series of geopoints. I have given each one a source and destination geopoint (the source of each is its own location and the destination of each is the location of the next geopoint). But when I map them using the point to point approach, no lines appear between them.

How can I connect these points?

I kind of figured it out. I needed to add a layer for source geopoint and another for destination geopoint, then the point to point layer showed up.

The weird part is that now, since every point is the destination of some path and another point needs to be in that same spot as the source of the next path, there are two points at each location even though there is only one visit to that location. I wish I could just have one point for every location visited on the map. Is this possible??

Your workaround is the same I used. This issue has been reported below.

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