Is it possible to adjust the point to point settings?

I'm a bit confused at the aggregation feature of the point to point functionality.

I am showing connections between nodes in a network of about 20 machines and I would like the lines to terminate on the node so I can understand the communication between a source and dest node, and not have the line terminate between 2 destination nodes (because the lines are an aggregation). Is there any way to adjust the settings so that more precision is allowed? It doesn't look great to have lines terminating in random parts of a network map when they should be connected to nodes.

Possibly the inner or outer aggs? Or the precision?


hi @seanziee ,

yes, you are right. The lines to the origin are an approximation.
The lines to the destination should collapse to the same point. Usually, destination is a data-center, so you should only have a few destinations. The origins, because there may be millions of different requests, are approximated with an aggregation, and that's where you could have lines not connect to the actual source-point.

^ If you are not seeing that, could you share a screenshot?

There is not way to configure this. So I would create an ER.

I think you can work-around this already. I guess you are adding three layers:

  • one poin2point with the lines
  • one document layer for actual destination
  • one document layer for actual origin

Those last two layers, iso of adding them as a document layer, add them as a cluster layer. This will also aggregate their location, and your lines will line up with the actual icons of the origins better.


Thanks for the thorough response. I tried flipping my source and destination locations and it now looks much cleaner. Thanks so much!


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