Maps possible bug: link terminates wrong geo location

Possibly I'm missing something, but I find that links in the maps app don't always go to the actual destination, but rather a little next to it. When I zoom in more, then it correctly terminates at the correct destination but is unclear when needing extra detail. I'm guessing that the zoom level automatically cuts off the decimal places or something at certain zooms, and gets more precise the more I zoom in, is that the case? How can I fix this?

Zoomed out a bit:

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 9.39.40 PM

Zoomed in a bit:

This is expected behavior. The point 2 point source does not link individual destination to source, but instead links aggregated data paths between the source and the destination.

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Hmmm so that's why I notice sometimes rather than seeing 2 lines connecting to 2 dest, I see 1 line connecting to the midpoint of the two destinations.

Is there a way around this? It's incredibly unclear when you want to see which sources connect to which locations and you see a line that is going to neither but instead the midpoint. It leads the user to think that there is a connection at the midpoint.

If you want to see lines for each individual document, then store the line as a geo_shape and just add the layer as Documents layer. This will show each individual document.

Nice, thanks!

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