Vega-lite - my time axis is not connected correctly to the time changing button on Kibana

I don't know if this is a bug with Kibana or if my code caused this or if I am misinterpreting something. My issue is that whenever I try to manipulate my time axis to stretch beyond an hour using the buttons on Kibana, the total time displayed will be wrong. Also, something that stuck out was that the upper bound of the displayed time domain would change, even though I leave that button on Kibana set as "now" which doesn't make sense to me. I have checked my data in discover to make sure and it goes past 1 hour of data -- to about 3 hours.

  data: {
    # URL object is a context-aware query to Elasticsearch
    url: {
      # The %-enclosed keys are handled by Kibana to modify the query
      # before it gets sent to Elasticsearch. Context is the search
      # filter as shown above the dashboard. Timefield uses the value 
      # of the time picker from the upper right corner.
      %context%: true
      %timefield%: "@ThisTime"
      "index": "index1"
      "body": {
        "size": 10000
        "_source": ["@ThisTime", "field1", "field2"]
    # We only need the content of hits.hits array
    "format": {"property": "hits.hits"}
  # Parse timestamp into a javascript date value
  "transform": [
    {"calculate": "toDate(datum._source['@ThisTime'])", as: "time"},
    {"calculate" : ".000001*datum._source.field1", as: "yVar"}
    {"bin":true, "field": "_source.field2", as:"binnedColor"}

  # Draw a circle, with x being the time field, and y - number of bytes
  mark: {"type": "circle"}

  encoding: {
       "x": {
         "field": "time",
          "title": false
          "type": "temporal",
       "y": {
          "type": "quantitative"
       "color": {"field": "binnedColor",
          "type": "quantitative", 
          "bin": { "binned":true, "step":5}
          "scale": {"scheme":"tableau10"}

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