Vega: Signal resets to initial value after refreshing the dashboard

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Hello everyone,
I integrated this signal into my Vega visualization:

       "signals": [
              "name": "minNumberClicks",  
              "bind": {"input": "range", "min": 1, "max": 100, "step": 1}

When I (auto)refresh the dashboard, the signal resets to the initial value. When I delete the "value" specification, it resets to undefined. Is there any way to maintain the value of the signal after a refresh?


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cc @nyuriks - any help on this Vega question here?


(Yuri Astrakhan) #3

Hi @vega_user

At this point the Vega graph is regenerated on every data refresh. This should be fixed, and it has been requested in the past, but may require some upstream Vega work, or a workaround. See

P.S. I like your nick, well chosen! :slight_smile:

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